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We would like to proudly share some of the comments & testimonials sent to us by our satisfied customers!

I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise.  Amanda Hamilton is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company.  She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order.  I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service.
Brad T.

To Whom It May Concern:
would like to thank you for the Service I received while dealing with Amanda Hamilton in your parts department.  She helped me find what we both thought was the complete wiring harness for my heater.  She had it delivered next day, only to realize that the item purchased was half of what I needed.  She worked diligently with the technicians at Carrier and ran into numerous brick walls while reviewing pictures of the old wiring harness, drawings of what they thought I needed, and chasing numerous part numbers they were asking for to identify my needs.  I talked with Amanda at least 10 times over the past few weeks and we traded many e-mails while searching for the right parts.  At no time did I receive anything less than her consistent professionalism.  I received the final part and installed it with no problems.  Again, Thank you for the service I received from Amanda....
Gary W.

Dear Sir,
I recently ordered and received parts ( a motor and Capacitors) to repair my home CARRIER A/C. I am a retired Electrical engineer so it became a challenge for me to undertake the task of Compressor repair. Unfortunately for me I had to deal with connections from an old 3 wire motor to a new motor with 4 wires. So, I needed some help! I am certain you have been exposed to the titanic task of obtaining "Technical Assistance" on-line or by phone!!! It requires steel nerves to say the least. Well, sir, CONGRATULATIONS, in all my years working for AT&T and since retirement I have never had better luck in getting "Technical Assistance" from your Company! Mr. "Todd"! English is not my native language to enable me to adequately describe how greatful I am to have interfaced with this PROFESSIONAL. Super! He understood me through my heavy accent and provided me with the help I needed, AND provided you with multi-dollar ADVERTISEMENT. I thank you for employing individuals such as Mr. Todd.
Kosmas Geo. S.
I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a very timely fashion.  You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the sitution and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us.  Thanks again and please share this with your bosses!  You were outstanding!
Todd M.

Amanda:   Thanks for the excellent service and follow-up on my order.  I received the capacitor the very nex day and have installed the parts and now my 2nd A/C unit is pumping out cold air again, really needed since the temperature has been ranging in the 98-100 degree all month and we have not hit the hot weather yet here in Texas. I agree with other customer comments about you and your company.  Great service and great web site easy to use and your customer follow-up and help is excellent.
 Ken G.
Hi:  Just a short note to thank you for your fast service. We had not had a working motor fan since last summer and everyone gave us an average estimate of $950.00 to replace the part.  It was easy to install, took me less than 35 minutes to put the part in and it worked like magic.  We saved over $700.00 which may have been a million because we don't have a million dollars either.  Again thank you for such expedient service and such a fair price. We had just rigged up the A/C unit with an industrial fan so it worked anyway except it had to be on 24 hrs a day and I always feared what would happen if it rained while I was at work.  Thank you for the found peace of mind. 
Betty M.

Amanda is great! She was very patient with me and all the questions I had asked . She emailed me when she said, and stuck with me until we found the right part. Thanks Amanda!
Sandra M.

I wanted to commend one of your staff, a woman by the name of Amanda
that went up and beyond to find a part for me. She deserves a raise.
Joan B.

Thank You for your terrific service on finding the correct part for me and your attention on this small order.  The valve has been working great.  I appreciate this very much and I don't think I would have gotten this satisfaction from any other company. Thanks,
Tom A. - Sheboigan WI
Hello Nice Parts Person,
I spoke with a nice person yesterday on the phone regarding the following. Attached are pictures of the items I am working on. Below is some relevant information.
The unit is a RUUD furnace, Model # UGDC-07ECBGR, 75,000 BTU, SN GN3D402 F1889 2426
The spark controller is a Robert Shaw Model # SP715P.
We spoke yesterday about the PIL1830703 Electronic Ignition Pilot Burner and the FLS271100 Flame Spark Ignition Sensor.
The unit has a call for heat. The pilot is then lite. There is then a repeated sparking sound. However, the unit burner will not light. If I light a piece of paper, off of the pilot and hold it over the burner, while sparking. The main burner will light. Since, I took the unit apart and put it back together it has been working fine. But, I do not trust it to work another 22 years.
Should both of these parts have continuity from the tip to the end of the wire? The PIL1830703 Electronic Ignition Pilot Burner has continuity and the FLS271100 Flame Spark Ignition Sensor does not.  
I am not sure which of these two parts is the problem. However, if the PIL1830703 Electronic Ignition Pilot Burner includes the FLS271100 Flame Spark Ignition Sensor then this would be my complete assembly as pictured, 1 sensor, 1 electronic ignition and the pilot burner. I want to be clear if this is the case or if I would need to buy both of the part numbers to get the complete assembly?
Spending less then $100 to get it going is not a problem. However, if I am going above this amount. I think the money would be better spent against a new unit. I am trying to help an older couple with limited money. As opposed to a younger couple with tons of cash. So, I am wasting all kind of time trying to help. This is the reason I am so wealthy.
Thank you again for your help and any suggestions you have. Please email and/or call me as required.
Thank you for all your help and your diligence. I will not hesitate to call your company again based on your customer service. The person I spoke with yesterday was very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. This is something I do not get from my local parts supplier.
Brent M.
Just to say kudos to Amanda. Very helpful on my order

Ernest B.
...just placed an order with Todd as a first time customer.
Got me the right part at less money and 2day delivery for half of what it
would have cost locally. Give him a raise!

Noel R.
Monroe, NY

I wanted say that the service I received from your company was excellent. I received all of the items I ordered quickly and without any problems. I am sure that any HVAC needs I have in the future will easily be met by your company.

Gabe M.
Concord, CA

To Best Buy Heat/ Management;

I would like to compliment you folks on the most pleasant ordering experience I think I have ever had.
The sales person Amanda, that helped me with my order was by far, the most pleasant, helpful and friendly
person I have dealt with in a very long time.

Amanda not only found the part , she was helpful with making sure I got the right part, and she treated me
like I was important. Amanda is obviously well versed and extremely knowledgeable with your products and resource guides.

Thank you so much for her and your dedicated customer service. You can bet you folks will be my first choice for all
parts that I may need and your name will be the first and only one I recommend.

My absolute sincere thanks.
Roy S. III
Dear sirs:
I'd like to express my complete satisfaction with every aspect of my recent transaction with you.
When I called to verify that I had identified the part I needed from your web site it turned out I hadn't,
and the young woman who took my order (whose name, I regret to say, I forgot to make note of)
spent a lot of time and effort and showed great patience in figuring out the right part.
The shipment arrived on the day promised, and in half an hour the furnace was running
better than it had in a long time.

Thanks so much. These days, when so few companies seem to know what customer service is,
it's refreshing to deal with a company like yours, which has customer service down to an art.

Yours truly,
Gary K.
I just wanted to send you my appreciation and much thanks for helping me find the right motor for my central air system. My father is losing his battle with stage IV colon cancer and with the temperatures reaching in the 100's last week it was pretty unbearable for him. To make matters worse, a local contractor installed a lower HP motor which did not adequately cool the house down; It only cooled down half of the house. With help from you and your crew I received the correct motor and installed it today and boy what a difference a correct motor makes. Now the house stays very comfortable for dad so he does not suffer from the heat.

Once again thank you for the speedy reply in my search for a motor.

Much appreciated,
Thanks for getting back to me on the 2 blade - 3 blade situation. Just so you know, the new one feels like it
weighs twice as much as the old one- is very sturdy and the whole system sounds like a new machine....
No rattles !!!

Thanks so much for your help and assistance.

Doug T.
As a single mom, I have to cut corners wherever I can, and do-it-yourself projects always intimidate me,
but I want to thank you for all your help with replacing the gas valve for my furnace.

You found me the exact one I needed, and gave me a great price. I saved hundreds of dollars by doing it myself,
and I really appreciate your patience and helpful advice!

You made it easy! Thanks so much!

Peggy S.

You guys should patent the navigation system on your website!
You make everything so easy to find for the average Joe.
Dewey R.

Just thought I'd let you know, the part arrived last Wednesday.  My son, who works for the
gas/electric company here in Santa Fe installed it yesterday (Saturday) and our heater is
working like a charm. Just in time, for I understand the cold weather is finally on its way.

Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it.
...I will keep your website on my favorites. You were the only one of several that responded.
I will also tell everyone looking for whatever in the way of parts about your website.

You have a great Thanksgiving too.
Thanks again for your help and for responding.

-Sharon K.

Thank You for all your time on the phone & help.
100% Professional, Positive service.

Chas. A.





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